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Interview Process

All candidates go through a specifically designed interview process. This process allows SBI to separate those who are exceptional from those who are average amongst their peers. This process involves three main components; Skills Assessment, Behavioral-Based Interviewing and Relational Profile.

Skills Assessment

SBI uses a specifically designed series of questions that allow us to understand where people fall in their competitive field. Through the use of these questions the partners of SBI have been able to place exceptional candidates and benefit our clients through a higher caliber of performance in the placements we make. Our confidence in the candidates SBI has placed is evidenced by our successful track record with our clients.

Behavioral-Based Interviewing

SBI believes Behavioral-Based Interviewing (BBI) is the best way to predict how a candidate would perform in the position and fit into your organization. From the employer's perspective, it is more cost effective to hire people that are successful within the organization than to lose them in a few months because the "fit" was not good.

The driving concept behind BBI is simply stated: "Enthusiasts believe that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior...more recent behavior is a better predictor of future behavior than older behavior, and that long-standing trends are better predictors of behavior than isolated incidents."

Skillful questioning during the interview can reveal behavior patterns that indicate with high predictability whether the candidate can perform the job as required.

Relational Profile

SBI endeavors to place candidates that are both top performers as well as able to contribute through interacting with their co-workers and fit within the corporate culture. SBI takes each candidate through a series of questions that help us identify how candidates interact with others. These questions bring to light the candidate's realism, their expectations, and communication styles as well as identify how they view themselves in relation to co-workers.

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